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From "Stefano Bagnara" <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Switch to Loom 1.0RC3
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 07:37:33 GMT
> > Should we move to Loom?
> Not if it means some of the things you noted.  I am 
> particularly not keen to start using more excalibur code 
> instead of Jakarta Commons code.

IMHO this is not more dependency on excalibur code! We already using that
jar: using that class we could remove our dbcp wrapper (avalon specific). So
we REMOVE avalon specific code.

BTW I'm sure it's only a validation issue and that we can make it working
with our dbcp class by changing the schema file bundled with the newest
cornerstore/excalibut-datasources so we can easily fix this.

> > we could avoid using DBCP at all.
> But we want to use DBCP.  It is well-tested, supported and 
> broadly used.
> And I really don't want to tie us more tightly to Avalon.  
> Rather, we should incrementally detach the remaining bits, so 
> that we can move to another container architecture.

I've already said this a lot of time: it will take A LOT of time to move
away from avalon/cornerstone/excalibur. IMHO it would be really a big
mistake to continue to think to that move as a near move. I'm almost sure
that james will continue depending at least on one of the "discussed"
libraries for at lease 1 or 2 years. IMHO we should try moving step by step.


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