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From "Stefano Bagnara" <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Switch to Loom 1.0RC3
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 08:47:58 GMT
> > (my idea was a little different but I saw the first reaction and I 
> > changed my mind).
> But no commiter gave a -1 till yet. Why shouldn't we switch 
> if it works for you?

I didn't run a vote ;-)

> Did anyone proved the contrary or had any founded with tests 
> argument - except FUD?

IMHO we still have the problem with spaces in the config.xml: this is a real
Probably phoenix-trunk is the solution but I'm not sure it's stable and I
don't know what the features of phoenix-trunk are: probably I should build
the phoenix-trunk website from trunk to find more informations.

> After that we could still investigate that 'space problem'.
> You are waiting for minimum 3 + votes? But are there so many 
> active comitters on this list?
> If yes, than make another thread, called [vote] and count 
> only the arguments of commiters.

No. I started a "discussion" thread and not a "vote" thread because I, in
first place, want to discuss differences between containers. I want to know
the personal considerations of other committers about this kind of changes
as I had time to test different containers and I wanted to report back my
first impressions.

> > IMHO the container is not part of our application (James) and james 
> > should run fine in each container using the pros and cons 
> of each container.
> AFAIK this was planned for 3.0 with that POJO strategy :).

Sorry, I was referring to Avalon containers. Loom, Metro, Merlin, Phoenix,
Fortress are all Avalon containers. James should run fine in all of them.

> > People
> > that need functional classloaders will need to use loom. 
> People that 
> > need to do hot deploy/undeploy of applications will use loom.
> But will the users be able to switch to loom? I suspect not.

You will just need to download loom, place your james.sar (latest trunk will
create a james.sar compatible with loom/phoenix-trunk) in its apps folder
and remove spaces in your config.xml.
Just execute "run.bat" or "run.sh" and it works.


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