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From "Stefano Bagnara" <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Next release plans
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 16:45:57 GMT
> >To everyone who wants to take a breath, I would say it feels rapidly 
> >moving because you are not working on it.  Yes we do not 
> want a release 
> >that the community does not recognize, but I think there's a balance 
> >and I'm pushing to get us moving towards many releases as I think it 
> >will help in a number of ways.
> What I mean is that we should stop, test  and  release 2.3.0; then
> continue: "Release early, release often" :-).
> Vincenzo

I don't understand why we should STOP. Does a week/month of STOP improve

The "STOP" is against the second part of "Release early, release OFTEN" ;-)

We just should test a specific version, the stop is not a need!

We should identify the requirements and the roadmap for the 2.3.0 release
and just code 3.0.0 stuff in a specific branch.

We should keep fixing bugs for 2.3.0 as soon as we can.

IMHO we just need to agree on what should be part of 2.3.0 and what shout be
moved to 3.0 and have a release manager for this release: if we don't have a
releaser then it does not make sense to do that.

I can write an "upgrade guide" (almost minimal configuration issues) but I
won't write it until we have a releaser and until we won't have a release

I can't find informations about the release process on the apache site. I
don't know wether I have permissions to make a release or not and if so I
don't know how this can be done. Any guide around?


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