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From "Stefano Bagnara" <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Out of the box / zero config / MultiDomain configuration Proposal
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 13:03:42 GMT
> I don't have *technical* issues about your proposal, but I do 
> think that it is important that you clearly describe the new 
> feature which you are proposing to develop.

I thought I was clear enough. It was mainly a change in the isValidUser.
I will try to repost the message with more informations.

I stopped any other discussion because of your -1: I don't have too much
time so I don't want to spend it in useless discussions.
Now that I know that you need more informations on my proposal I'm more
happy to find the time to continue.

> > As an example, I asked wether we should remove mm-mysql (with my 
> > motivation), include derby or not, remove file repositories 
> in favour 
> > of derby or not, but I've received no replies...
> I thought that someone had opposed the removal of file repositories.
> They are a useful tool for compatibility and interoperability 
> with other software which can read certain file types.
> File repositories are also faster in small volume installations.
> I think you should probably make this one a vote.

File repository implementation is buggy: my stress tests failed every time
when using file-repositories.
BTW I'm not for removing them now.
My idea is that we could enable derby by default instead of filerepositories
considering that file-repositories have known bugs.

> No, lazy consensus is fine, but don't make too many proposals 
> at one time!

Ok, I see more discussions today, I will prepare a possible release plan for
2.3.0 so we can decide wether to try to do the 2.3.0 release or not.


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