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From peter royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Switch to Loom 1.0RC3
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2005 20:34:10 GMT
On Sep 10, 2005, at 1:25 PM, Stefano Bagnara wrote:
>> my company deploys the phoenix trunk. its not the tip, but
>> its a 4.1 alpha release from early 2003. it has been solid
>> with zero problems, which is why we're still using it.
> Is there a list of known bugs of the current trunk?

not that i know of.

> Why did noone made a release of it?

avalon fell apart.

> Are you using it with bundled "old" excalibur libraries or did you  
> update
> it?

the 'old' libraries.

> I would like to know more about "persisted configuration".
> I've seen I can enable it from the kernel.xml but I don't know what  
> exactly
> do!

you really want to use it in conjunction with schema validation of  
block config, that way you can see if there are merge errors.

by default, in ${phoenix.home}/conf, it will look for a directory  
with the app name, and then individual XML files named after the  
block (so a block named 'myblock' would be 'myblock.xml')

the information in myblock.xml is then 'merged' into the  
configuration in the SAR. elements that have "excalibur- 
configuration:merge='true'" as an attribute will be merged with an  
element of the same name in config.xml. if you have multiple elements  
with the same name, you can also add an attribute named 'excalibur- 
configuration:key-attribute' with a value of an attribute name that  
uniquely identifies elements of the same name.. so given the  
following in config.xml

   <b id="one">uno</b>
   <b id="two">dos</b>

and a myblock.xml of

   <a excalibur-configuration:merge="true">foo</a>
   <b excalibur-configuration:merge="true" excalibur- 
configuration:key-attribute="id" id="two">bar</b>

will yield this to the app:

   <b id="one">uno</b>
   <b> id="two">bar</b>


peter royal

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