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From peter royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Switch to Loom 1.0RC3
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 01:13:18 GMT
On Sep 7, 2005, at 7:46 PM, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>> I'm not sure I would like to use phoenix-trunk: does any
>> other project use it?
> Does anyone use LOOM?

i know of no deployments. not saying that there are any, just that  
its not public.

my company deploys the phoenix trunk. its not the tip, but its a 4.1  
alpha release from early 2003. it has been solid with zero problems,  
which is why we're still using it.

my suspicion as to why there are few loom deployments is that we  
(loom) have done zero advertising.  all the hype is around the new  
'lightweight' containers, so new users end up going towards the  
bright lights. and existing users already have something solid, so  
why change if there's no reason to.

> From what Peter Royal told me, I understood that development on  
> LOOM is
> dead.  And we don't have access to the code.  I'd like to hear from  
> Peter
> regarding Loom vs Phoenix, but he seemed willing to help us update the
> container.

if anyone wants to hack on loom, just speak up :)

from an application POV, Loom is the unreleased Phoenix HEAD.  
internally, the Avalon interfaces were ripped out of the kernel and  
replaced with 'DNA' <http://dna.codehaus.org/>, but this is  
transparent to hosted applications (they still use the Avalon  

really, i can't think of a good reason why i would recommend loom to  
an existing phoenix user. i'd say use the unreleased phoenix first.

fwiw, as asked earlier in the thread, the version of phoenix you have  
in your svn trunk supports configuration validation as well as  
persisted configuration outside of the SAR. it was never very well  
documented, but i wrote it, so i'm happy to share details for the  
curious :)

also, if anyone else is interested in forward *migration* from  
phoenix (evolution not revolution), send me a private message.. its a  
topic i've been thinking a lot about recently, and i have my pet use- 
cases, but i'm curious to know what others want out of a container as  

(please cc me on replies as i'm not on the list)

peter royal

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