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From Anne S <hyperfl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Web Interface Announcement
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 23:22:37 GMT
> 1. What version of James do you target? The trunk or the stable? AFAIK
> there were some small config changes in the trunk so I think this would
> be relevant.

I targeted stable, but most (if not all) of the features should work with 
the trunk.

2. In QuickStart Guide ch.1 you say:
> 2.1
> > If you are running a Sun Java JDK, place a copy of these libraries at
> > "[JDK root folder]/jre/lib/ext" and at "[JRE root folder]/lib/ext".
> Isn't there another way(not to mess up with the installed JDK)? If I do
> this, for all applications running on that machine your JAR files will
> be considered.

I listed what I did to get my computer to run successfully. Of course, that 
was my dev computer, and I muck around with it a lot ;-). But where ever you 
put your extensions JARS should work too (for instance, Tomcat's own 
extensions dir)

> > Place these libraries (or updated versions, if you have them)
> And what versions do you use? Not all the jars have versions. It would
> be nice to mention them somewhere, to know "when if we have them" :).

The versions I used were taken from the below URLs: (the top URL lists 
version numbers and dependencies for XML-RPC, the Xerces parser used is the 
latest one)


(Note: I used an updated version of commons-logging, the latest version, 
1.0.4, although version 1.0.5 (Alpha version) should work too)

3. What JDK do you target? Aren't some of the JARS in JDK 1.4 already
> 4. In some source files I see:
> > Vector<Object>();
> > Hashtable<String, String>
> Is this supposed to work with JDK 1.5 only?

I used JDK 1.5, but if you need, I can strip out all the <> statements. The 
Console uses nothing present in JDK 1.5 other than those type statements, so 
removing those and compiling will work. If you'd like, I can do the 
translation now and upload an updated version.

> please feel free to email me.
> Here on this list? or personally?
> If here, what prefix to use to see right away that the message is
> related to console? :
> [webconsole] ?
> If personally, what email address?
> Ahmed.

hyperflame@gmail.com, but I don't think anybody would object if you shot the 
email to this list. Additionally, I have a mailing list set up on the 
SourceForge project site (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ajaconsole/) that 
you can subscribe to and send messages.

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