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From "Kervin L. Pierre" <ker...@adevsoft.com>
Subject Re: IMAP status
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 19:46:23 GMT
Jason Webb wrote:
> 	// I'm fairly indifferent to how we get the child reps
> 	// we just need some way to get hold of them
> 	MessageRepository[] getChildren(); 
> 	void addChild(MessageRepository repository);

I guess we're holding that 'MessageRepository == Folder' ?

Maybe MessageRepository could be like the 'Store' class in
the Javamail API, or the 'IMsgStore' class in MAPI; a server
wide object that holds the root folder.

> There would then be a separate interface for IMAP repositories to wrap
> things like access to UIDs and MSNs.

Or those could be also be included in the MessageRepository
interface?  Stubbed in implementations that do not need them,
eg.  A repository that does not support IMAP.

There could be separation between parameters that *have* to
have direct access for speed, eg. getUID() maybe, and others
that can be accessed via a generic 'getParameter( Key, Value)'
function on repository objects.  I think that the generic
getParameter method can still be very fast especially if the
repository implementation is smart enough to cache certain


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