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From "Daniel Perry" <d.pe...@netcase.co.uk>
Subject RE: Working towards a release
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 12:35:25 GMT
> AFAIK if it has it's own virtual machine (so it's in network mode) and if
> more than 64MB it can gracefully handle such situations. The problem is
that under
> 64MB it can do to much for such situations - it's like an IDE that doesn't
do well
> without a minimal size :).

see below...

> No it's not the same. Derby is not 'full in memory' db, and it has special
> fail safe functions(and recovery too).
> There are however a few tips that must be followed to work efficiently
(and mostly they
> do not apply on any DB - e.g. Mysql)

I thought derby (like hsqldb) could run in either network, or embedded mode.
I think noel is using it in embedded mode: his config suggests that (and
that is the advantage of derby over any other database to james - it's
embedded - doesnt require any external program running).

And in that mode, it shares memory with everything else in the JVM.  Fail
safe/recovery functions are great... but cant do anything if they cant
allocate any memory because somthing else in the JVM is hogging it all!


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