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From Danny Angus <Danny_An...@slc.co.uk>
Subject Re: Problems using Derby for stores
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 09:29:16 GMT

Dan Debrunner wrote:

> ... bug fixes include much better performance on streaming
> BLOB/CLOB data into Derby, and reduced memory usage during those

Have a Cigar :-)

It might be worth you guys knowing what our requirements are, although I
think we're approaching a resolution of this glitch.

We want to ship derby embedded in James so that we can deprecate file based
persistence, let our users have a one-stop download/install, compel our
developers only to write for SQL persistence and have a straightforward
upscale path from embedded derby to an independant networked db, multiple
James's, and thence to the wacky world of database clusters, SAN's and the
like without adding the headache of having to re-work any of the James
We also have a lot of "SME" users who's whole requirement would be
satisfied by the embedded db, a fair proportion of students and tinkerers,
and I'd like to see James used more often as a "mail lab" where people can
research and experiment with changes to mail protocols and mail handling
behaviour for the likes of anti-spam and stuff.

We're just off the starting blocks with derby, previously we recommended
that people familiarise themselves with the file-based persistence then
used MySQL.

James is capable of being optimised to use proprietery db features, with
specific searches and CRUD actions being mapped onto SQL statements for
different sql dialects.
This opens up the possibility that the derby dialect for the embedded derby
could call stored procedures and use custom functions and types to optimise
performance and resource consumption, because we obviously have much
greater control over the embedded db than external db's where we'd have to
release code for db packages (and stuff, my vocabulary is somewhat hazy in
this area ;-) and watch commercial users struggle to convince their DBA's
to allow it to be run in.

Anyway, big Thanks from me for caring. :-)


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