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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Get the current recip
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 10:18:56 GMT
Norman Maurer wrote:
> Ah ok now i understand.. sorry ..
> Just one more question. if i use  these config:
>        <mailet match="HostIs=spam-box.de" class="RemoteDelivery">
>              <outgoing> db://maildb/spool/outgoing1 </outgoing>
>              <delayTime> 21600000 </delayTime>
>              <maxRetries> 5 </maxRetries>
>              <deliveryThreads> 8 </deliveryThreads>
>              <gateway> </gateway>
>              <gatewayPort>2525</gatewayPort>
>          </mailet>
>          <mailet match="HostIs=debian-made.de" class="RemoteDelivery">
>              <outgoing> db://maildb/spool/outgoing2 </outgoing>
>              <delayTime> 21600000 </delayTime>
>              <maxRetries> 5 </maxRetries>
>              <deliveryThreads> 8 </deliveryThreads>
>              <gateway> </gateway>
>              <gatewayPort>2525</gatewayPort>
> 	</mailet>
> The Email will be splittet for the domains matched HostIs. Right ?
> You  said "the remaining recipients will be passed to the following
> HostIs matcher". So it should split the emails in the 2 RemoteDelivery
> if a email is send to test@spam-box.de and test@debian-made.de .. I
> think the problem is that is happen after the other mailets are
> called .. right ?

The first matcher/mailet will take care of the mails for @spam-box.de.
If a single mail has multiple recipients and only few are for 
@spam-box.de it will split the mails in 2 mails: the first having only 
the @spam-box.de recipients, the second with the remaining recipients. 
The first mail will be sent using the first RemoteDelivery, the second 
mail will continue to HostIs=debian-made.de, so if the recipients are 
@debian-made.de they will be delivered by the second RemoteDelivery. If 
the second matcher doesn't match (recipients with other domains) the 
message continue to the following matcher (you should add a <mailet 
match="All" at the end of your processor). If the mail reach the end of 
the processor with no processing James will send it to the "error" 
processor and will log a configuration error.


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