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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Corrupt emails from Blackberry Server
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 16:55:24 GMT
Anne S wrote:
> I'm afraid my German is a bit rusty, but this is probably your original
> message. If you want a Quick Fix, just run Blackberry sent emails through a
> base64 decoder (you can see one here:
> http://makcoder.sourceforge.net/demo/base64.php)
> A long term fix would involve a bit of work. The problem could be RIM's, so
> you'll have to contact the company and send a bug report, or you could write
> a mailet to automatically do the conversion.
> Could you send more information about your situation?

This could be related to the 8bitmime patch I applied a few months ago.
When we told javamail to support 8bitmime it do change the header 
transfer-encoding to "8bit" when it find 8bit chars in the body.
This should not happen if the body is handled correctly... Maybe Norman 
is adding 8bit chars to the 7bit (base64) body and javamail 
automatically add the 8bit trasfer encoding (altering the original 
base64) because it should not find 8bit chars.

Norman, can you run a test with a similar message and store the message 
somewhere (ToRepository with a filerepository is a good choice) before 
it runs in the James RemoteDelivery so we can check the actual 
body/headers? (Just add a ToRepository mailet configured with 
passThrough=>true before the RemoteDelivery mailet).

We need to know the exact content of the body before it is passed to the 
remotedelivery: I want to know wether there are ASCII chars with a code 
greater than 127 (they are not allowed in 7bit mime, but if they are 
there then you should look for an early problem)


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