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From Bernd Fondermann <bf_...@brainlounge.de>
Subject Re: Latest commits & Unit Tests
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:15:33 GMT
Stefano Bagnara wrote:
> Bernd Fondermann wrote:
>> ### org.apache.james.core.MailImplTest
>> getSize() behavior has been changed in MailImpl, so we have to adjust 
>> here:
> Yes, I saw this but I didn't fix it because I was not sure the new 
> behaviour was better than the previous.
> I think we can safely change it to 0.


>> -        helperTestMessageSize(mail, mimeMessage.getSize()); // 
>> MockMimeMessage default is -1 (accord. to javax.mail javadoc)
>> +        helperTestMessageSize(mail, 0);
>> ### org.apache.james.remotemanager.RemoteManagerTest
>> I propose the following change to become platform independent:
> IIRC this is a known bug of James. new lines in the telnet based tcp/ip 
> protocols like SMTP and POP3 should always be CRLF (system indipendent).
> So the correct test is \r\n while we have a bug under linux where our 
> protocols uses only \n
> We evaluated the use of MINA to resolve this issue too, but MINA SSL 
> suport requires java 5...
> I'm not sure wether we should keep the failing test to remember the 
> issue or we should fix the test for the known bug: what do you think?

Keeping a failing test would require meta-knowledge whether a test is 
'supposed' to fail or not. all unit tests would soon become outdated and 
useless. the big merit of JUnit is you get a binary information after 
running the test. only 'green' can be a good result.
so, i would suggest to add a test which is passing now, related in a 
comment  to the JIRA in question and which fails as soon as the fix is 
applied so the test can be changed accordingly.


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