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From Ahmed Mohombe <amoho...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: MimeMessage handling optimizations/changes for 2.3.0a2
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 18:10:06 GMT
> Ahmed Mohombe wrote:
>>> I think this could be a big improvement for performance and reduce 
>>> the memory footprint
>> Do you have and approximate numbers about the possible gain?
> It is difficult to give an estimate: totally depends on specific 
> configurations/messages.
> Performance improvements are mainly provided by less memory usage (and 
> GC usage) and by avoiding loading the message more times.
Yes, I know that it's difficult, and that's why I asked about an approximate number.
I thought you gave it some tries.
You said that all your unit tests are passed with these new changes. If you used
JUnit than you can have approximate timings too compared to the version without changes.

>> I (like many other users) would be much more happy with IMAP, config 
>> reload without restarting JAMES, a better "Virtual Host" 
>> support(something that just works), etc., but this is still sounds 
>> fantastic IMHO.
> I'm sorry but I personally don't need IMAP/Virtual host/dynamic 
> reloading so I prefer to spend my spare time improving things I use.
Sure, I understand. I don't use those things either, but I can't convince
most of the managers to use JAMES unless they'll be there - it's that simple :(.

> BTW I know that if we provide a better product we increase the 
> possibilities to find new developers committed in new improvements, so 
> I'm also working on the "virtual host" support.
And IMAP and config reload are also such features.

> I would also be glad to *help* on IMAP or other features but currently 
> there is no one working on it and I don't want to be mantainer for code 
> I don't even use.
Well, I still believe that unless JAMES doesn't have IMAP it can't really use that 'E' for

Enterprise in it's name.


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