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From Bernd Fondermann <bf_...@brainlounge.de>
Subject current test setup
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 13:40:18 GMT

I have started to run tests against the alpha3-candidate using Postage.

My thought was to have a load szenario which runs well on default JVM 
heap space values and only requires minor changes to the default James 

I am currently using it with the following configuration to test against 

<scenario id="release" runtimeMinutes="480">
     <internal count="50" username-prefix="test_int"
               domain="mail.james.local" password="test"
               reuseExisting="yes" />
     <external count="100" username-prefix="test_ext"
               domain="mail.sample.com" />

     <profile name="ext-int" source="extern" target="intern">
       <send count-per-min="10" subject="ext2int_text"
             text-size-min="10" text-size-max="500"
             binary-size-min="0" binary-size-max="0"  />
       <send count-per-min="1" subject="ext2int_attachment"
             text-size-min="10" text-size-max="200"
             binary-size-min="1" binary-size-max="30000"  />

     <profile name="int-ext" source="intern" target="extern">
       <send count-per-min="20" subject="int2ext"
             text-size-min="10" text-size-max="1000"
             binary-size-min="1" binary-size-max="1000"  />

     <profile name="int-int" source="intern" target="intern">
       <send count-per-min="20" subject="int2int"
             text-size-min="10" text-size-max="500"
             binary-size-min="0" binary-size-max="0"  />
       <send count-per-min="5" subject="int2int"
             text-size-min="10" text-size-max="100"
             binary-size-min="1" binary-size-max="30000"  />

   <testserver host="localhost">
     <smtp-forwarding port="2525" latecomer-wait-seconds="45"/>
     <smtp-inbound port="25" />
     <pop3 port="110" count-per-min="10" />
     <remotemanager port="4555" name="root" password="root" />
     <spam-account name="spam-sink" password="spam-sink" />
     <jvm-resources jmx-remoting-port="0" />

This does the following:

a. generate 50 James user accounts
b. runs for 8 hours
c. every minute it sends 10+1+20+20+5 = 56 mails to internal/external 
d. every minute it checks 10 random internal accounts downloading all 
mail from them
e. it receives all outgoing mails

Probably we can go further than this load, but I'd rather stick with the 
current values and do longer runs (7 days, for example) instead of 
failing and having to start all over again.

I have another scenario in the default postage config file which 
generates more load but fails after a few hours even whith 500MB and 
enhanced James resources.

My plans are to have separate runs with dbfile/derby (current default), 
db/derby and file repositories.


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