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From "Danny Angus" <danny.an...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Discussion on e-mail, please
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 11:54:34 GMT
On 18/05/06, Stefano Bagnara <apache@bago.org> wrote:

> JIRA comments are sent to the server-dev list automatically, so I guess
> you refer to other media, right?

Yes, kind of. But..prolonged discussion of issues should really happen
on the list rather than in the comments, keep the comments for
sumarising the consensus of the list, rather than the other way about,
people can't *reply* to the emailed comments except by replying to the
list, so the conversation would break down. JIRA is an issue tracking
tool not a collaboration tool.This is a collaborative effort we MUST
communicate effectively.

> It seems to me that the only place where things has been written and not
> notified to the list is the Wiki stuff. IIRC no other media has been
> used to take decisions related to James and not submitted to the
> community debate.

Thats more or less true, but people do occasionally want to use things
like IRC or ICQ or private email or even face-to-face meetings and
hackathons to decide stuff. This is all OK as long as they present
their *opinions* to the list before suprising the people who aren't
involved in the original discussions. e.g.

"so-and-so and I are planning to look at the spool manager next week
when we are both at such-and-such to consider how to support featureX
... days later ...
"so-and-so and I did some work at such-and-such and have re-written
the spoolmanager in this way ...xxx.... because we thought ...xxx... I
will commit these changes over the next day or so if no one has any
questions or objections"

> Btw, as we use Commit-then-Review and as commits notifications are sent
> to the server-dev list I think that we are safe: community will always
> have the opportunity to be notified and review changes.

Yeah but if we have to rely on post-comit reviews to get sight of what
people are doing and *then* have to ask them why they did it and why
they chose one approach over another then the community is seriously
broken. We should all have a pretty good idea of what is being
proposed, or being done before we see commit messages. The commit
messages should get a response such as.. "Ah I see so-and-so is
checking in his work on XXX that he told us about" not "I wonder what
this code from so-and-so is trying to achieve, and why he has chosen
to use xyz to do it".

Projects like this are as much about people comunicating as they are
about code, features and issues.

Apache keeps it simple by having one, and only one, way in which that
communication "counts" and that is by using the mailinglists.


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