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From "Danny Angus" <danny.an...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Discussion on e-mail, please
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 08:29:47 GMT
On 18/05/06, Stefano Bagnara <apache@bago.org> wrote:
> If there is anything specific in your message about something happened,
> or the sentences were related to the above behaviour, then I would be
> happy to understand it better.

No there is *not* I am making a general point. I have made it before
and no doubt will make it again!.

> "Collaboration" does not mean that every task have to be done by all the
> people or approved by everyone: collaboration means that more than 1
> element in a group works for a common goal. In a collaboration effort
> people trust each other in respective activities.

Agreed, but that is only true where everyone has sight of what each
person is doing.

> Unfortunately there is no such thing named "developer" (in business
> meaning) that implement (obbey) what the architect decided. Here we are
> "contributor" and there is no boss, only the PMC vetoes: it seems easy
> enough and I hope we won't need anything more complicate than this.

Erm, yes there are, we are each both of those things, we are the
architect comittee and the developers.
As the architects we reach consensus decisions, as the developers we
implement them.

As individuals we don't reach independant decisions and the implement
them without refrence to the group.

> Communication is mostly needed when 2 or more developers works on the
> same thing in synchronous:

I disagree it is needed just as much when one person is working alone.
That person should be keeping everyone else up to date with their
actions and progress. "Lone programmer" is not an option, it destroy
communities and kills projects.

>this unfortunately does not happen too much
> in James. We all hope it will happens much more in future.

> I think we talk too much of this issues and write too few code.

That is your opinion, some of us have written code in the past, and no
longer have time to make as much of a contribution. But James is a
community, not just code, and ensuring that the community continues to
work is just as important. A project needs a community as much as it
needs code.

> Last thing: I really appreciate when my code is reviewed and I really
> appreciate to discuss on improvements or pro/cons or something I just
> committed, but this did non happen often (lack of time of the
> interlocutors, I think).

We have also come to trust you. :-)


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