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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject jSPF project status
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 23:14:10 GMT
In the last 2 weeks Norman and I worked concurrently on the spf 
implementation on a temporary svn repository Norman setup on one of his 

Norman started fixing bugs in the spfjava library submitted by Roger 
Fullerton and I started writing junit testsuites to run tests written by 
the creators of the perl spf library.

After a few work we found that the spf spec was not completely defined 
and still changing (the final release should be made public this week) 
and both, spfjava and the perl tests was wrong (or simply outdated).

So we started a big refactoring/rewriting and we now have rewritten most 
of the code. The whole parser and the whole processing logic has been 
rewritten. We inherited, with minor or major changes, most of the 
utility code.

We lately added support for dns timeouts and for ipv6 (Thanx also to an 
Inet6Util found in the Harmony repository :-) ) and now we pass all of 
the 260 tests we have (current coverage is 80%).

The current project is based on maven2 and the dependecies are dnsjava, 
log4j and junit. I would have preferred slf4j for the logging, but we 
agreed to use log4j because a wrapper for avalon already exists and 
maybe this will simplify the integration with james-server.

Here is the current todo list:

- add more javadocs (my part is mostly undocumented)

- correctly implement the explanation modifier and his behaviour for 
includes and redirects.

- add tests for every MUST and MUST NOT written in the rfc.

- move the mockdsnservice data to zone files, like we did in james-server

- add author sections

- add a README

- add SPFHeaders for all results

- make a list of code we inherited from spfjava

- add few xdocs for the site generation.


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