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From Ahmed Mohombe <amoho...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JAMES-461) Maildir support
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 16:12:17 GMT
>>> I know what the GPL is and I also know about the differences in the
>>>  interpretations by Apache lawyers and FSF, but this is not the point.
>>> I asked for a solution, not for explanations of the problem ;-)
>>> We can add the "imaginary.javax.mail.UIDPlusFolder" (or a similar 
>>> interface) to the mailet API or to a third party ASL2 licensed 
>>> project. We can then add a sourceforge project that include the GPL
>>>  maildir and the GPL plugin including our ASL interface. People then 
>>> will have Maildir support in james: is this right?
>> This is a borderline case.
> I agree.
>> And this is not in the interest of people using Apache software.

> I don't agree: Not all apache software users use it due to the ASL 
> licensing. I believe that most James users would use it even if it were 
> GPL.
Exactly. You hit the nail here, and it seems that from the "top" many Apache commiters don't
see the
reality anymore:
- most of the people use JAMES because it's the *ONLY* *free* *java_based* email server.
- many more, that would like to use it, but are not allowed because of the missing features,
use it for the same reason.
- even more, most of them would use it even if the were closed source but guaranteed free.


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