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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Managing Changes
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 15:30:08 GMT
Vincenzo Gianferrari Pini wrote:
>>> Yes.  And one of the things that held us up for a long time was making
>>> changes that blocked our ability to get good releases out the door.  I'd
>>> like to learn from that, and avoid a repeat.
>>>     --- Noel
>> If this is referred to anything happened in the last year I'm 
>> interested going deeply, otherwise it is old stuff and ASF is made by 
>> people and not by past scenarios.
> As a help to understand this point, I'll describe what happened in the 
> past, until last year. Noel and Danny can tell more about it.

Thanks Vincenzo,

it has been an interesting reading, btw I think that the current 
scenario is different enough.

As contributor I don't need the 2.3.0 release: I don't care about it. I 
told many times that I consider it uncompleted work.

As PMC member I agree that a release is good now, but what I think James 
need is new code, new features, more modularity. This is why I 
*actively* supported the creation of a 2.3 branch and I did everything 
to facilitate the 2.3.0 release.

As contributor I accepted to spend time on the 2.3 branch because I 
thought this was the "price" to be able to work "in peace" in the trunk 
for a while.

Furthermore I think it is not fair to think that "new" people will make 
the same mistakes done by "old" people in past.

As I already said, since I've been a committer, our trunk has always 
been ready to be released. Whenever someone asked for a release I 
replied: "we can branch anywhere and publish a release". I've *never* 
applied code that blocked our trunk for weeks/months.

I've fixed every bug opened against code I introduced as fast as 
possible (most times in 1-2 days).

Btw, if you, Noel and Danny will meet at ApacheCon maybe you will have 
the time for PMC duties and find solutions for this problems.

People seems to fear me because I commit new things without discussing 
it before. I understand this, but if anyone want to discuss he must 
allocate the time to do that. Imho is not good to James to block every 
new initiative because of lack of time of people that feels the need to 
control or to be involved but has not time to actively do that.

In the time we all lost in this discussion we could have created a new 
feature for James.


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