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From Joachim Draeger ...@joachim-draeger.de>
Subject IMAP Roadmap
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2006 16:20:55 GMT



   [1]The ASF


   The first goal is to have a stable but limited IMAP Server. It has to
   scale well on middle-size installations. The user should be provided
   with what he needs to work: A centralized inbox and the ability to
   sort messages into self defined folders.

   This goal should be reached fast with just the features needed to
   achieve it That means we should analyze clients and notice what they
   are doing and how they react on limited features.

   Release Early, Release Often.

   The community feedback is the only chance for such a project to

   Apart from that it is also the right time to talk about visions.

   IMAP has a lot of new requirements which means that existing design
   James message and user storage API backends have to be extensively
   refactored/rewritten. What ever we do now may be the base of future
   development. Design limitations we introduce today could be hard to
   overcome tomorrow.

   Having a structured, ordered and valued roadmap of what ever is
   desireable/imaginable helps on making decisions.

   Being pragmatic may mean discarding some goals, but we should at
   be aware of that.

   Milestone 0 : Preparations

    1. Define goals
    2. Define a roadmap
    3. Start a glossary
    4. Collect resources
    5. Design an backend API that is in line with the features desired
       the roadmap

   The API could consist of a bunch of interfaces. They don't need to be
   complete but should allow for future extension.
   Milestone 1 : The Basics

     * Stable
     * JDBC based ImapMailboxRepository
     * Internal use of namespaces
     * Full uid support
     * Support for all basic operations for at least one client (Mozilla

   Supported commands: Partial supported:                 Not supported:
   CAPABILITY          FETCH                              EXAMINE
   NOOP                Not supported:                     SUBSCRIBE
   LOGOUT              FETCH (BODY[<section>]<<partial>>) UNSUBSCRIBE
   COPY                FETCH (BODYSTRUCTURE)              LSUB
   LOGIN               FETCH (ENVELOPE)                   CHECK
   SELECT              FETCH (FULL)                       CLOSE
   CREATE                                                 EXPUNGE
   DELETE                                                 SEARCH
   STATUS                                                 X
   APPEND                                                 AUTHENTICATE
   Milestone 2 : Full Compliance

     * Nearly full compliance to IMAP4rev1 RFC2060
     * SUBSCRIBE will still have no effect
     * Support for all non-buggy IMAP4rev1 compliant clients

   Milestone 3 : Compatibility

     * Maybe/hopefully not needed
     * Maybe (partial) IMAP4 compliance
     * Workarounds for buggy wannabe-IMAP4rev1-compliant clients ;-)
     * [2]Postel's Law "be conservative in what you send, be liberal in
       what you receive"

   Milestone 4 : Shared Mailboxes

     * Full compliance to IMAP4rev1 RFC2060
     * Subscriptions
     * Basic ACL support, to be controlled by admin
     * Shared Mailboxes

   Milestone 5 : Fancy Groupware

     * Quota
     * Sieve integration
     * User-defined ACL
     * User-defined Flags (Keywords)

   Milestone 6 : Cluster

   IMAP is quite resource intensive. Mailboxes might reach the size of a
   few GiB. Clients are not required to do any caching. Users might
   search and wade through large message archives from day to day.

     * Large enterprise installations
     * Many imap servers to many storage servers
     * Automatic fallback to backup stores
     * Fine-grained performance audit

   Milestone 7 : Imagine

     * IMAP mirroring
     * NNTP-Integration
     * Push IMAP

   Copyright � 1999-2006, The Apache Software Foundation


   1. http://www.apache.org/
   2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postel's_Law

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