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From Norman Maurer ...@byteaction.de>
Subject smtp-handler-api and merge to trunk
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 15:17:55 GMT
Hi guys,

after workin a while on the smtp-handler-api now i think it is  ready to
get merged to trunk.

Here are the things i change.

1. I add a new method to the CommandHandler interface called
getImplCommands(). This method return the commands (as ArrayList) which
can use the CommandHandler. So we can be sure that noone use a "wrong"
CommandHandler. If a "wrong" commandHandler is configured for the
command an ConfigurationException is thrown on startup.

2. I seperate all the "filter" stuff (syntaxchecks etc) from the
commandhandler and move it to an extra package. 

3. I add a interface called CommandsHandler. This interface has a method
called getCommands() which return a Map that contain commands and the
comanndhandlers which should be called for the command.

4. I add a class called BaseCmdHandler which implement CommandsHandler.
This class load all "core" commandHandlers. 

5. I add a class called BaseFilterCmdHandlr which implement
CommandsHandler. This class load all "core" filters for the

6. Create a package called fastfailfilters which now contain all the
fastfail code we had before in the corehandlers.

7. Make it possible to configure a commandHandler for more then on
command with: <class="org.apache.james.commandHandler.foobar"

8. Create a 2 new methods in SMTPSession to set whenether the next
commandHandler should be executed or not.

9. Change the SMTPHandlerChain to load at least the core commands.

I hope i explain all core changes i made..
So what you guys think about mergin it in the trunk ?


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