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From Norman Maurer ...@byteaction.de>
Subject RE: smtp-handler-api and merge to trunk
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 19:58:48 GMT
Am Dienstag, den 11.07.2006, 13:26 -0400 schrieb Noel J. Bergman:
> Norman Maurer wrote:
> > 1. I add a new method to the CommandHandler interface called
> >    getImplCommands(). This method return the commands
> >   (as ArrayList)
> Why not a Collection or a Map?
hmm .. good question..

+1 for Collection 
-1 for Map ..
> > If a "wrong" commandHandler is configured for the command an
> > ConfigurationException is thrown
> Do you mean the wrong command for a Handler?  For example,
>   <handler class="myRCPThandler" command="HELO"/>

> > 2. I seperate all the "filter" stuff (syntaxchecks etc) from the
> > commandhandler and move it to an extra package.
> We could also move all of the core handlers into the core package.  And we
> should be clear that filters ARE handlers.  You've just chosen a name for
> semantic purposes.

Like i descripted.. I build 2 Classes which implement the
CommandsHandler interface and SendMailHandler.. So all you need is to
insert 2 classes in config.xml (if we remove hardcoded) to work. 

<handler class="org.apache.james.smtpserver.core.BaseFilterCmdHandler">
<handler class="org.apache.james.smtpserver.core.BaseCmdHandler">
<handler class="org.apache.james.smtpserver.SendMailHandler">

Thats all. Yes i have no problems with move them to the corehandler.. I
don't moved them to be backwards compatible.. But its a 3.x release so i
think its not so importend.

> > 8. Create a 2 new methods in SMTPSession to set whenether the next
> >    commandHandler should be executed or not.
> Not sure if that is the right way to do it, but we can see.
> +1 to merge to trunk as a strawman.  Curious to see what differences Stefano
> has in mind.
Im also lookin forward to Stefanos work...

> 	--- Noel

Anyway its just a beginin.. It works for me (at least better then
before) but more changes will come..
I think we will see what we have to change when putting more
"FilterCmdHandlers" to it.


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