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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: MINA integration
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:06:32 GMT
Mike Heath wrote:
> HausMail is ASLv2.0.  It is not LGPL.  Never has been.

I think the misleading info is there:

I remembered a bad link somewhere ;-) .. Btw I checked the src headers 
and they report ASL2, so the bad reference is only on the website.
I saw you also have an SPF handler. You should consider replacing your 
spfjava with our jSPF. We should be much more rfc compliant.

> The code that's in HausMail is essentially a MINA based SMTP server-side
> protocol handler.  There is a lot of Java 5 code in there (enums and
> generics) that may have to be refactored.  There is also some
> experimental code in HausMail that needs to be tested/cleaned up.
> In all honesty, I'm more inclined to contribute the SMTP server code in
> HausMail to the MINA project.  One of the motivating factors in me
> writing the HausMail code was because I needed something that could
> receive SMTP message but I didn't need a full mail server.  I also
> wanted something that was much more embeddable than what JAMES is today.
> The other motivation for adding it to MINA is that there has been talk
> on the MINA list to adding some protocol implementations to the MINA
> project.
> The HausMail code seems welcome at the MINA project.  I need to dedicate
> the time to get it moved over there and coordinate with Peter Royal and
> Trustin Lee.  Does such a move make sense for the JAMES project?  I
> think it does but that may only be my opinion.  Either way, I'm more
> than happy to help get the code in HausMail into JAMES.  I just think it
> makes more since to put the code in MINA and have JAMES use that code.

I don't think that it will be good for MINA to have protocol handling 
subprojects, btw If the directory PMC decided this way then I agree with 
you and I think that your SMTP implementation should be contributed to MINA.

We could not accept it now because of the java 5 dependency and maybe it 
is now much more different from our new smtp handler architecture. I 
remember we had a similar pattern 1 year ago, but then we both evolved 
in different ways.

Either way if it will be part of MINA we could anyway borrow code/class 
from you and I hope that you can help us if we'll need suggestions on 
MINA/SMTP as you have that knowledge.

What are the timings for this MINA move?


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