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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Notes from ApacheCon
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2006 04:12:37 GMT
Stefano Bagnara wrote:

> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > We also spoke with the Derby folks, and got some tips from them, which
> > result in some changes for the database schema.  Also, they have a new
> > release coming out with in a week or so, and that would be a good time
> > put out a release candidate.

> Any update on this?

Well, as you know, they did put out their new release, and we've updated our
Derby distribution to it.

> I would like to know that are the optimizations proposed by the derby

As I recall the ideas we came up with:

 - Have a separate "messages", consisting of [key, blob]

When we move and/or copy mail around, we won't have to move the large block
of data containing the message.  This will closely approximate the
performance advantage of dbfile, while giving us distributed, transactional,
data storage.

With this change, I hope that we can make db the default store, which would
make you and I quite happy.  We would immediately get support for
transactional behavior, and a fairly straightforward path to at least one
means for implementing clusters.  With that, we could implement the new
spooler, providing much needed functionality, even if tailored only to a
JDBC implementation.

 - The blob (or clob, as appropriate) should be the last column of any

According to the Derby folks with whom we spoke, this can be quite helpful
compared to embedding them in the middle of a row.

 - Streaming from the database, which should also be working soon
   if not now with the network driver, but definitely works with
   the embedded driver.

The advantages of this on memory footprint should be obvious.

	--- Noel

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