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From Ahmed Mohombe <amoho...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: IMAP Draft: Cluster
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 08:47:25 GMT
> In a worst case, when nobody is ill or on holidays, you have at least
> one open connection per user all the time. 
How would one handle in the JVM and code these very long lasting connections?
Also, doesn't this require too a totally different testing approach?

>> Clustering at DB level would mean to not support dbfile, file and other 
>>   types of repositories.
> Clustering at DB level would just mean following some rules in the
> implementation. DBMS are designed to be accessed simultaneously from
> multiple hosts.
> dbfile mmh, good point. I just made a few thoughts. There are also
> various solutions to access a network file-system without a single point
> of failure. 
What about JCR? (e.g. the Jackrabbit implementation). Could
it solve some of the problems, or it is too far away from making
it usable as a "file system" for IMAP?

> 100 GB in a DB might be a
> nightmare. :-) 
Especially for Java based DBs :).

> Former Maildir proposals had such scary ideas like only being able to
> deliver one email per second and process to a mailbox, retrying every 2
> seconds up to 24 hours. 
What are the minimal performance requirements for  JAMES's first IMAP implementation?
Doesn't the IMAP protocol impose at least some "hints" regarding performance and timings?

Thanks in advance,


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