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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: JAMES v2.4 Road Map
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 11:12:14 GMT
Bernd Fondermann wrote:
>> For me its:
>> 2.3.x = bugfixes
>> 2.4 = 2.3.x + new features ( compatible)
>> 3.0 = incompatible changes
> addition: 3.0 = incompatible changes, big new features
> +1, thats absolutely my take, and my understanding about what is
> common sense in the industry
> And I don't think its only a number. It is a means of communication to
> the user base.
>  Bernd

When I say that "it is only a number" and I don't care of the "number" I 
mean *NOW* that we are planning a ROADMAP I don't care too much of the 
numbers. I agree that the number is really important for a release but I 
think we could simply decide the right number for our marketing purposes 
just before releasing it. Either way we need a way to talk each others 
about the different roadmaps/branches, so I thought at the "next-minor", 
"next-major" labels... I'm trying to reduce the number of things to be 
discussed now to the minimum so to increase the probability that we come 
to some agreement on what to do.

If anyone want to start a proposal for a new numbering, I suggest to do 
it as a separated thread, and I will add my ideas and I will vote about 
it. I already said that I'm not against the numbering proposed by 
Vincenzo (or your), and we discussed few times about the current 2.3 in 
terms of 3.0: we finally decided to use the 2.3 number. I think we 
should have no worry to make proposals and cast our votes. You know I 
really used few -1 in past, so don't think that every time I have a 
different idea it means I will veto it. I usually say "I would probably 
veto this" if I think I will do that and when I say "I don't agree / I 
have a different idea" it means that I will probably vote -0 and propose 
something alternative. I don't start that proposal now because I already 
wrote 2 proposals that are awaiting answers or actions by the people 
with karma so I don't want to put too many things in the in-progress list.


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