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From "Guillermo Grandes" <guillermo.gran...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JAMES-648) Corrupted MIME message with 8bit in body
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 14:10:38 GMT
[20 comments on Jira]
Well, In measure that I discover anything I comment these on Jira.

[Use mailing]
Ok, but I supposed that comment in Jira was better for register of work
done. I use Jira for track info and Mailing for oppinions.

Good, in some cases is better, but... In many others... the mails are
generated by automatic systems, examples:

- James-642, missign brackets, by Oracle / Facturation Systems, nightly this
send mails with new registers, notifies facturation state's.

- James-648, missing 7/8bit header, by HP OpenView ServiceDesk (management
of incidences, seemed to Jira, but greater), mail arrives and now user can
see the NextPart-boundary in the mail-reader (this is the corrupt efect,
mail is interpreted as plain-text instead of multipart in the mail-reader).

- non-issued, also missing 7/8bits header, process of register (automatic)
in a system of tickets for management of work orders, this send a url to
mail: "http://pepe/register.dll?user=41223483" to confirm the sign-in, but
the mail-reader see: "http://pepe/register.dll?usera223483" and register
can't be completed, I suppose that the problem is like James-648 (the
problem with this application is that the company that made the
development... closed -bankruptcy-, We can't correct this).

These are only comments/examples of why don't reject if another option is

[I think that supporting a relaxed interpretation is MUCH MORE difficult]
Yes, I know,... the life is thus.

[Sorry but I didn't understand where is currupted the mime boundary: I
just looked at message source and it seems that the mime boundary is
untouched. Can you tell me more?]

Yes, the message always is untouched (and is received/interpreted well by
mail-reader) EXCEPT when you modify mail in a mailet/use:


In this moment JavaMail change headers (sets the missing header:
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable) and... the outbound mail -seems
good at first- is not good. My try to fix this is set missing header with
7bit/8bit (and work. Norman question if JAMES-638 is related. is possible?
that affect locally-generated or modified?. I don't known)

[Test, More Info, etc]
Attach trace & received raw-mail. do you need any more? (list of
Santa-Claus) :-)

With the rest of which you have been to me commenting in your others mails I
agree with you.

--- Guillermo

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