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From J├╝rgen Hoffmann ...@byteaction.de>
Subject AW: [DISCUSSION] Include Unit Tests in regular build
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2006 11:28:34 GMT
Hi Danny,

> One way to achieve this would be to break james out into many small
> library "projects", that way you can narrow your focus to a single
> area by depending upon the jars of the things you don't want to change
> and therfore don't want to test. its what we do at work but we use
> Maven because the repository plays a key part in this.

maven + emacs ... are not so close friends ;-)

Fun aside.

To make everyone happy, why not have a default goal, which runs tests,
builds james, etc.
And one goal which compiles james too, just without the tests. That way
non-IDE Developers, using only true editors and the command line, can
compile without the tests to see if their modifications compile. Before they
check-in they should run ant again with the default goal, go and grab a cup
of coffee, and reconcile about what they have just accomplished. 

When they are finished, they hopefully see that all tests have passed, and
check their stuff in. If the tests failed, he can examine which test failed
an run this test alone. Modify his source, run it alone until it passes.

Then time for another coffee and a little reminiscence of good old times.

All tests pass ... check in ... and everyone is happy for a, long believed
not to be there, memory leak fix.

Does that sound like a reasonable solution for everyone?

Kind regards 


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