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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: [DISCUSSION] Include Unit Tests in regular build
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2006 15:46:14 GMT
> We should run the unit tests every time we build using ant, that is
> the official way to build James.

Since when?  And ant is the only way I build JAMES, so you're talking about
adding 8 minutes to every build, instead of a few seconds.  As Bernd said,
independent of me, doing that will cause people --- including me --- to
abort the tests, and won't provide the desired results.

Bernd suggested it specifically because he felt that Committers are not
running the tests before committing changes.  I don't actually think that
has been a significant problem.  Perhaps Bernd's suggestion was inspired by
the recent change I made for which the unit test failed.  In that case, I
was testing the fix via other means than junit, and the unit test itself was
in error; it took several times more time to fix the unit test than to fix

And keep in mind Bernd's comment that he thinks that most of the guys are
using an IDE, and so they would still able to do all of their builds without
running the unit tests, anyway.  Only if they run ant will they be "forced"
to test.  So it is a selective penalty without any real value.

> If running the tests is a problem because of the time taken, then we
> should solve that problem first.

Fine.  Show me tests that run in a few seconds instead of 8 minutes, and we
can talk about adding them to the build cycle.

> One way to achieve this would be to break james out into many small
> library "projects"

So now we want to complicate the environment further to fix a spectre.  I
think that we would be better off focusing on real things.  In the meantime,
I suggest that we do add the unit tests to the dist target, and ask
ourselves (social contract) to run the unit tests before committing.

	--- Noel

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