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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Next-Major and trunk: AGAIN (Was: [jira] Updated: (JAMES-663))
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 16:37:48 GMT
Danny Angus wrote:

> Trying to inject a positive thought here...


> > Well, it's a label.  Frankly, I'm almost getting used to it.  I agree
> > it has no meaning in the long-term, since it is a floater, and
> > needs to have a real label attached to it, but that's a minor point.

> In fact that is how we manage release planning at work.
> Abstract labels are applied to a release after it has been labeled
> with a real label, then changes are labelled with the abstract label
> and eventually a real label is applied.

> I'm not proposing that for here, but I do understand and I know it
> works (I'd be out of a job if it didn't)

Well, can you elaborate more?

> > Well, that is another problem, which I mentioned earlier today.  Stefano
> > Norman appear to feel that there was a vote to cast in stone what goes
> > next-major.

> That still needs to be resolved, there was a vote on general@ (I still
> haven't wound it up) to define the terms and a vote about what was
> being planned, but I don't think we all accepted either of them, not
> really.

Again, that's a problem.  Stefano THOUGHT that there was an agreement, and
if I were in his shoes, I'd be pretty shocked now to find out that the
agreement isn't what he thought it was.  *I* hadn't realized that people had
voted for something other than what he and I both thought that they had
voted for.  As I said, I find it ironic that only I (who did not vote for
it) and he actually took it at face value.

So I'm commiserating with Stefano on this issue.  I can appreciate his

> > Again, I just asked that he stop removing trunk from the list of
> > versions in JIRA, since trunk *IS* the actual place holding that
> > code, and (to be specific) when we branch next-major, it may or
> > may not have (almost certainly will not have) all of the issues
> > closed that are closed in trunk.

> What we need to do is to record *both*

That's what I wanted.  I just wanted him to stop removing trunk as a version

	--- Noel

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