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From Joachim Draeger ...@joachim-draeger.de>
Subject Re: Type of next release
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 16:28:43 GMT
Am Sonntag, den 17.12.2006, 09:32 +0100 schrieb Joachim Draeger:

> 1. Backport features from trunk to 2.3 branch (AKA next-minor)
>      - this includes only backporting and testing, a release may be done 
>        very soon

This is possibly the safest way of releasing a few features very quickly
and stable. 


But merging feature by feature and testing afterward takes a lot of time
and costs man-power we don't have.
The time should be invested in creating, stabilizing and testing new
features in trunk instead. 

> 2. Create a config/storage compatible release from trunk (AKA next-major)
>      - To be able to start working on incompatible features, this may 
>        imply branching soon

I see this as a compromise if people want to have a compatible release.
It could also be used to stabilize the compatible features before work on 
incompatible ones.

+ 0.6

I would help to publish an alpha IMAP version that co-exists with
current API. 

> 3. Work on a non-compatible release from trunk (AKA next-greater)
>     -  This could probably done without branching, or just branch when all 
>        features are implemented. ETA is probably a bit later

I think James is currently missing many features that are IMO needed for
an enterprise mail server.


This approach would allow us to concentrate on new features. 
It requires to carefully design API and storage format. It includes the
risk that the next release will be delayed until the base has
stabilized. But we would still save the time of an
intermediate-compatible release.

I would work on a well integrated mailbox API for IMAP and all of James.

> I guess some of us will be completely offline around Christmas / turn of the
> year. Maybe you could give a hint whether you'll be able / want to participate on
> possible decisions.

I'll check emails all 1 to 3 days.


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