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From Ahmed Mohombe <amoho...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: When is the next release planned?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 22:06:15 GMT
>>> It will inform our discussions if you can elucidate on the 
>> features you see
>>> in trunk "that user's are waiting for years".
>> e.g. VUT with that @ in the user name,(or virtual hosting 
>> from the user's perspective)
>> that works out-of-the-box.
> I was wondering if your "e.g" was alluding to more features beyond VUT.
There are of course more features, but even that only VUT is from a user
perspective more important than many others done in previous releases.
(I this case, of course, it's not about that table, but how it works
in combination with DNS and user names.)

> Thanks for the feedback.
You are welcome. Users are willing to give much more feedback, it's just
that many gave up after seeing that the project was not moving fast enough in the last 3 years.

Of course, many would bring the argument that JAMES is "mature" and it doesn't
need a fast move. On the other side the spammers *are* moving fast (all mail statistics
show this).
I this context, IMHO the "gray listing" feature too should *not* wait for a release "until
end of 
2007" (or any other ideas that might help reduce this spam plague :) ).


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