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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject Re: i18n
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 09:20:48 GMT
Robert wrote:

> the IMAP protocol returns a lot of messages which must be appropriate
> for display on the client. ATM these messages are just hard-coded
> strings. it would probably be good to be able to reasonably easily
> localise them based on the user.
> opinions?

I agree, I googled briefly for anything that might help us here and I
got this, dated June 2007, so fairly current! :-)

"Internet Message Access Protocol Internationalization"

... but it fails to meet your requirement because it has the
translations on the server.

To enumerate and communicate messages which could be transalted on the
client you might consider adapting the approach taken by the enhanced
SMTP status code.

The "message" you return is composed of two parts, and enhanced code,
which can be interpreted in conjunction with the response code of the
response, and a text message which could be in the default English
*or* the user language chosen in accordance with

The messages could be internationalized (in java at least), by using
the code as a key to a resource bundle message. Leaving vendors and
translators open to making usability decisions, which really are their
concern not ours. No?

You could just implement the technique with responses which would
benefit most from internationalization, e.g. NO, BAD & ALERT.

Noddy example (if you need it):

 * NO Disk is 98% full, please delete unnecessary data

Might become:

* NO 4.3.2 Disk is 98% full, please delete unnecessary data

where 4.3.2 is made up (at random for this example) of
 4.x.x - Recoverable
x.3.x - Quota
x.x.2 - Exceeded


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