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From "Kevin Jackson" <foamd...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JAMES v Java 6
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:01:21 GMT
> > Right.
> > Also the SSL support does not work with Java6.

Having tried the -version:1.5.0_11 trick suggested to get the SSL
working on Java6 today, some things to note.

- Current james server (SVN_TRUNK) doesn't work with jdk6/java6 (same
couldn't generate secret problem as before)
- using the -version: trick in your launcher script will only work if
you have the version you specify installed see this from

    Specifies that the version specified by release is required by the
class or jar file specified on the command line. If the version of the
java command invoked does not meet this specification and an
appropriate implementation is found on the system, the appropriate
implementation will be used.

    release not only can specify an exact version, but can also
specify a list of versions called a version string. A version string
is an ordered list of version ranges separated by spaces. A version
range is either a version-id, a version-id followed by a star (*), a
version-id followed by a plus sign (+) , or two version-ranges
combined using an ampersand (&). The star means prefix match, the plus
sign means this version or greater, and the ampersand means the
logical anding of the two version-ranges. For example:

    -version:"1.5.0_04 1.5*&1.5.1_02+"

    The meaning of the above is that the class or jar file requires
either version 1.5.0_02, or a version with 1.5 as a version-id prefix
and that is not less than 1.5.1_02. The exact syntax and definition of
version strings may be found in Appendix A of the Java Network
Launching Protocol & API Specification (JSR-56).

    For jar files, the usual preference is to specify version
requirements in the jar file manifest rather than on the command line.

    See the following NOTES section for important policy information
on the use of this option.

So although the -version:1.5.0+ in the PHOENIX_OPTS works, it still
requires that there are two vms installed (at least from my
understanding of the notes and from what I've observed today).


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