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From "Robert Burrell Donkin" <robertburrelldon...@gmail.com>
Subject [IMAP] Hibernate mailbox [WAS Re: Developer environment]
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:04:21 GMT
On 8/10/07, Zsombor <gzsombor@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>  Finally i've been able to run James with the Spring container, it's a much
> simpler environment for me to develop.


> My plan is to write a
> Hibernate/Spring based IMAP backend, with a 'dbfile'  and pure 'db'
> semantics. I will happily share it (contribute it), if someone interested
> when it's finished.

interested, yes

there are unresolved policy questions about code with LGPL
dependencies at apache ATM but i hope that these will be resolved
before the end of the year. even if these aren't resolved in time,
it's be great if you'd either grant a license to apache for eventual
inclusion or start a project offshore (googlecode is pretty good).

an alternative strategy would be to indirectly create a hibernate
implementation via JPA. apache has a good JDO backed JPA
implementation. at most, the hibernate specific deployment would have
to be kept offshore but the vast majority of the code could be
committed to JAMES right away.

(i'm interested in JDO and would be much more likely to contribute to
a OpenJPA implementation than to a plain hibernate one. the OpenJPA
team is also very friendly so i'm sure that they'd be happy to help
out with architecture.)

> I have some question about the current IMAP code in the trunk. I know it's
> highly experimental code, and never released, but I'm curious to ask that do
> you think that the current API with the
> MailboxManagerProvider/MailboxManager/ImapMailboxSession will see
> revolutionary, or evolutionary changes ? I mean, that do you plan to rewrite
> it from scratch, or only minor method additions/deletions will occur? I
> know, you cant promise anything, but I dont want to waste my time, if
> someone totally rewrote the backend interface in the last few days, and
> intends to commit it  in the near future :)

(i had it mind to move the mailbox code out from core into it's own
module. we've also talked about renaming some of the interfaces. i'll
start a thread on this today.)

i've given up trying to make IMAP perform with the torque mailbox
implementation. this is partly down to an inefficient table structure
but mostly down to inefficiencies baked into the API (common IMAP
operations take numerous database calls to execute and bulky message
data is too often fetched).

i'm interested in JCP backends (rather than DB) so i no plans to fix
these problems. my plan for the experimental code is to introduce a
new API and provide an adapter for the mailbox API (rather than
rewrite it). i hope that this would allow mailbox implementations
which wish to optimise themselves for IMAP would be able to do so but
a slow but working IMAP would be possible even with a plain

that isn't to say that the mailbox API is fixed. it's in need of a
review. there's a lot of unintuitive naming and lots is not javadoc'd.
i suspect that you'll find as you implement that you'll find issues
and inefficiencies.

creating a second implementation allows triangulation. the is the best
way of reviewing and perfecting an API. if you're going to be around
on list, then it would be great if you'd help to evolve this
interface. please also free to post constructive criticisms of the
mailbox API as you implement (either in JIRA or on list).

- robert

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