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From Norman Maurer <nor...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Logging Framework for James/Spring
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 09:35:37 GMT
Stefano Bagnara schrieb:
> Bernd Fondermann ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> We need a proper Logging Framework integrated with the spring-deployment
>> module.
>> Currently, all logging is going to System.out.
>> I'd like to have at least log messages to go to a single file
>> 'james.log' but also support the possibilty for current phoenix-like
>> behavior of multiple files.
>> Logging in spring-deployment is pluggable, so every framework should fit
>> and be easily added.
>> What I am asking is: What framework should be the default?
>> Here is a list:
>> [] commons-logging
>> [] log4j
>> [] java.util.logging
>> [] plain file write (poor man's own framework)
>> [] slf4j
>> [] ... other ...
>> Thanks for your comments,
>>   Bernd
> I'm a bit confused by the question because some of them provides an api
> and multiple implementations, some of them simply provide wrapping over
> some of the other.
> I don't have a clear vision on the better solution, so I try to write
> some simple considerations:
> I don't think we directly need slf4j if we keep using dependency
> injection for the loggers, but maybe some of our dependencies
> depends/will depends on some specific logging framework not using DI
> (almost every log framework but avalon doesn't support DI). Slf4j could
> save us life years dealing with classloader issues (please note that I
> stopped using it at 1.0.4, I don't know if 1.1 finally fix this problem).
> I think we already have commons-logging in classpath because some of the
> newer components use commons-logging api. We also have
> avalon-framework-log as a core dependency (IIRC we agreed to move from
> avalon logger to a dependency-injection based commons-logging as a
> refactoring for older components). Both of them provide an api layer and
> interfaces so we can decide an implementation at any time.
> As the default/simple implementation I would probably go for a single
> log: in this years I noticed many users don't even recognize we have a
> logs directory or are lost between so many logs. Having one single log
> would save us from telling them "look into jamesserver/apps/james/logs,
> the interesting log should be the smtpserver*, or mailet*" and so on.
> But even if we choose a single logfile, it would be better to have
> rotation (and maybe compression).

I whould stick to many logs.. But rotating whould be a good step ( Unix 
like). I don't like the idea to have one log filled whith do many 
diffrent "stuff".

> IIRC commons-logging 1.0.4 did not directly support writing a single
> file but only to System.out/err.
> Other: "logkit" is no more mantained and not well known, "logback" is
> cool but it is LGPL so we should leave this option to the advanced user.
> So, unless commons-logging 1.1 didn't introduce some new
> SimpleFileLogger or something similar I think we should probably go with
>  JUL or log4j. Of course log4j and JUL should only be referenced by
> spring and we should not have any code directly bound to log4j and JUL.
> Writing our own plain file writer (poor man's) with some option for the
> log level and for the rotation would probably reduce the download size
> but would require much more time and no real advantage for our users.

Why we should do that ? I think we should use allready finish 
implementations... I see no real advantage too..

> I never used JUL for real, so I don't know what are the issues with it.
> IIRC JUL FileHandler does support rotation, log levels.
> I think that code already exists to provide both JUL and log4j based
> Avalon-Logger and Commons-logging logger (avalon-framework-impl provides
> org\apache\avalon\framework\logger\Jdk14Logger and
> org\apache\avalon\framework\logger\Log4JLogger, commons-logging provides
> org\apache\commons\logging\impl\Jdk14Logger and
> org\apache\commons\logging\impl\Log4JLogger).
> To summarize, currently here is my ordered list of preferences:
> 1) JUL with a single rotating file configuration
> 2) log4j
> Stefano

See comments inline ;-)


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