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From "Robert Burrell Donkin" <robertburrelldon...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [JSieve] pom's in stage
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 21:16:50 GMT
On 10/9/07, Stefano Bagnara <apache@bago.org> wrote:
> Robert Burrell Donkin ha scritto:


> > but i'm still confused about what would be required than just adding
> > NOTICE/LICENSE to the jars before they could be published in the maven
> > repository
> Creating a pom.xml for them.


(i had assumed that the pom's used to generate the website was correct)

> And I always thought that adding a NOTICE/LICENSE to a jar means
> creating a new release.

ok - i see we were splitting semantics

i would say that a vote is required to publish a new artifact as part
of that release. others might say that a vote to release the artifact
would be required.

IOW a vote is required but a new version number is not

> I saw projects creating a new release only
> because the crc of the being-VOTED artifact changed because of a
> different jar tool used to rebuid the jar...

this usually depends on the process. if the vote is on an artifact
then a new vote is required.


> PS: Sorry, it's been a long work day and I get stressed when I'm not
> able to explain in english something that is so clear to me. And really,
> I don't have objection to application of #1, #2, #3, #4 or anything
> else. I have preferences and I already said them, nothing more. I simply
> have concern with your reasons for choosing one instead of the other and
> I hope it's more clear now. Thank you for reading the whole thing.

thanks for writing up your thought so thoroughly

- robert

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