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From Bernd Fondermann <bf_...@brainlounge.de>
Subject Nightly builds all fail
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 21:18:02 GMT

I hope this is just me, but all the nightly build artifacts fail when
run (while the nightly build process itself seems to work).
I don't have enough time to look more deeply into each problem, sorry
for that :-/

* james-server-with-phoenix-3.0-SNAPSHOT-src.zip *

james-server-with-phoenix-3.0-SNAPSHOT-src/build.xml:145: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
james-server-with-phoenix-3.0-SNAPSHOT-src/build.xml:82: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
james-server-with-phoenix-3.0-SNAPSHOT-src/build.xml:40: The following
error occurred while executing this line:

Warning: Could not find file

to copy.

This of course is _after_ downloading the stage directory separately.

After supplying that file, the build fails with a similar error.

Giving up for tonight on this one...

* james-server-binary-3.0-SNAPSHOT.zip *

james-server-3.0-SNAPSHOT/apps/james/conf/james-jms.xml (No such file or

and after supplying that file there comes another error.
So instead removing the entity definition and reference for "jmsConfig"
from config.xml fixes this problem for tonight.

* james-server-spring-deployment-3.0-SNAPSHOT *

This one is really scary. There are _so_ many jars there in /lib.


Noel, could you do me a favor please when you find the time and have a 
look into the stage directory on the build machine. There is a fair 
chance there are a lot of left-overs from previous builds in
especially those james-server*.jars lacking 3.0-SNAPSHOT in their names.
They have to go. (mkdir SNAPSHOT; mv james-server*SNAPSHOT.jar 
SNAPSHOT/; rm james-server*.jar; mv SNAPSHOT/* .; rmdir SNAPSHOT; worked 
for me)

If the jars are sorted, the error is

Exception in thread "main" 
org.springframework.beans.factory.CannotLoadBeanClassException: Cannot 
find class [org.apache.james.mailboxmanager.mailstore.MyAvalonMailStore] 
for bean with name 'mailboxmanager-mailstore' defined in null; nested 
exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 

and I will look into this over the course of the next days.

Someone seeing similar problems?


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