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From "Robert Burrell Donkin" <robertburrelldon...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [modules] Backends
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2008 22:51:41 GMT
On Feb 2, 2008 6:39 PM, Stefano Bagnara <apache@bago.org> wrote:
> Robert Burrell Donkin ha scritto:
> > i now wonder whether it might be better to aggregate backend classes
> > according to the technologies they use. so (for example) any backend
> > code that uses torque would be in a torque-backend module, any code
> > that uses avalon to store data in a avalon-backend module and so on.
> > any backend implementations that just use java would be moved into a
> > base-backend module.


> Our JDBC based repositories also depends on avalon because they supports
> both db and dbfile "protocols".

yes - IMHO they're all avalon backends

> BTW I think we should at least (as a first step) separate backend code
> from other core library classes. Core-library contains too much
> unrelated code ATM.


> I run a few grep to see what modules/code import each class/package in
> core-library and here are some considerations:
> org.apache.james.security.*
> - they are only used by spoolmanager-function, and only by smime mailets
> (org.apache.james.transport.mailets.smime.*).

the security stuff would probably be better as an independent sub-project

> org.apache.james.management.*
> - this package is imported by remotemanager-function and by core-library
> itself (org.apache.james.services). There is a cyclic dependency issue
> between org.apache.james.management and org.apache.james.service that
> should be resolved as a priority.


> org.apache.james.domain.*
> - backend implementation: contains XML and JDBC version (and common
> abstract code). no other module depends on this.


> org.apache.james.mailboxmanager.*
> - imap-mailbox-processor-function, imapserver-function,
> torque-mailboxmanager-function depends on this.
> - sieve mailets in "spoolmanager-function" depends on this (I would like
> to see this dependency removed)
> - phoenix-deployment depends on this because of
> PhoenixImapProcessorFactory and TorqueMailboxManagerFactory
> I think the whole mailboxmanager package could be moved to a different
> library module as no other core-library class depends on it, but I'm not
> sure the current api-library-function-deployment layers let us to do
> this right now, unless we move some class down to an api module.

a mailbox API makes a lot of sense: given the number of modules, we'll
probably end up moving some code into separate sub-projects. mailbox
(including IMAP and so on) is a good candidate.

> org.apache.james.core.*
> - this is a problematic package. This contains some core James object
> like MailImpl/MimeMessageWrapper/MailHeaders but also contains common
> components for current protocol functions
> (AbstractJamesHandler/AbstractJamesService).
> org.apache.james.util.watchdog.*
> org.apache.james.util.connection.*
> - they are related to AbstractJamesHandler/AbstractJamesService.
> org.apache.james.util.junkscore.*
> - is only used by smtpserver-function (we might move this in the
> function itself)


> org.apache.james.util.Lock
> - belongs to the repository logic


> org.apache.james.util.mail.mdn.*
> - only used by sieve mailets. This is almost standalone utility code,
> maybe we should move this where we move sieve mailets, or give them a
> custom module (this depends on how we'll reorganize mailets). It imports
>   org.apache.james.util.mail.MimeMultipartReport and the
> org.apache.james.util.mail.handlers.* classes.

the sieve mailets are a bit of an issue but i agree that it belongs with them

> org.apache.james.util.mail.dsn.DSNStatus
> - utility class used by smtpserver and by the DSNBounce mailet. To make
> DSNBounce a non-James-specific mailet we have to move this somewhere
> else, but where??
> org.apache.james.util.mail.MimeMultipartReport
> org.apache.james.util.mail.handlers.*
> - they are used by DNSBounce and by the mdn code. Something along the
> line of the DSNStatus destiny.

i'd like to separate the DNS code into domain

> org.apache.james.util.JDBCBayesianAnalyzer
> org.apache.james.util.BayesianAnalyzer
> - they deserve their own package. And maybe they belong to the backend
> stuff.

maybe the bayesian stuff would be better in a separate sub-project

> org.apache.james.util.urirbl.*
> - this is smtpserver-function stuff. maybe we can move this package
> there, for the moment.


> org.apache.james.util.POP3BeforeSMTPHelper
> - this is "weird" because it links pop3function to the smtpfunction
> (smtpserver.core.POP3BeforeSMTPHandler, pop3server.PassCmdHandler). It
> is an smtp specific feature)
> org.apache.james.util.DotStuffingInputStream
> org.apache.james.util.SchedulerNotifyInputStream
> org.apache.james.util.CharTerminatedInputStream
> org.apache.james.util.ExtraDotOutputStream
> org.apache.james.util.InternetPrintWriter
> org.apache.james.util.TimeConverter
> org.apache.james.util.Base64
> org.apache.james.util.CRLFTerminatedReader
> org.apache.james.util.SqlResources
> - utility classes. maybe we should remove oro dependency from
> timeconverter. Some of them are specific to our
> AbstractJamesHandler/AbstractJamesService stuff)
> org.apache.james.util.MatcherInverter
> - belongs to the util.mailet package. should we move it there?


> org.apache.james.util.NetMatcher
> - used by many mailets and by some smtpserver code. it depends on the
> DNSServer, and I wonder if it should better depends on a modified Mailet
> API (including the getByName method).

i'd like to split out the DNS into domain modules

> org.apache.james.util.dbcp.JdbcDataSource
> - this is avalon/excalibur function code. it implements the
> org.apache.avalon.excalibur.datasource.DataSourceComponent interface and
> is only used via that service. belongs to the backend.


> org.apache.james.util.io.*
> - maybe we should remove this in favor of commons-io library. This is
> pure java, no deps, utility code for IO. I guess this was once avalon
> code, that has been integrated in james because of avalon death but also
> found his way in jakarta commons.


quite possibly commons may take any missing functions

> org.apache.james.util.mailet.*
> - this code is only used by some of our mailets.

move into standard mailets sub-projects

> org.apache.james.context.*
> - this is a function code. It is the Avalon/Phoenix implementation of
> our FileSystem service. Should be moved away from this module (phoenix
> deployment?)

something like that

> org.apache.james.services.*
> - ehm.. time is running out and this package is tricky.. so let's delay
> it for a while ;-)

i would like to push these into API modules grouped by semantic function. eg

MailetLoader -> spool [extension]
MailProcessor -> spool [extension]
BayesianAnalyzerManagementService -> bayesian mailet [management]
DomainListManagementService -> domain [management]
FileSystem ???
JamesConnectionManager ??? management
MailRepository -> mail [extension though ATM service]
MailServer -> mail [service]
ManageableDomainList -> domain [management]
MatcherLoader -> spool [extension]
ProcessorManagementService -> spool [management]
SpoolManagementService -> spool [management]
SpoolRepository -> spool[extension]

note that spool and mail repositories are going cause difficulties
with coupling: may need some refactoring

i would like to see all APIs repackaged into sub-packages of
org.apache.james.api grouped first by functional area and then into
service, extension and management APIs

- robert

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