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From Kirill Kosinov <kirill.kosi...@gmail.com>
Subject GSoC james-mladmin
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 12:40:25 GMT
Goog day.

Noel, thank you for answer to my previous post in 
general@james.apache.org mailing list
(GSoC james-mladmin questions).

So i want to propose more conceit idea. At first i would like to define 
some concepts. I'm a student not a james commiter and i want to explain 
what i understand by word moderation.

I have red, that there are two distinct kinds of mailing list 
moderation: a moderated subscription process and moderated posting.

I'll begin with moderated posting :-). Let's imagine that we have a user 
who has two mail addresses, one of them is on Subscribe List, the second 
is not. User writes two letters from different addresses, JAMES can 
determine posting privileges (imagine that we have posting privileges) 
and send mail into Subscribe List, second message will be forwarded to 
moderator (who recognizes that these messages were sent by the same 
individual using different email addresses, the moderator may approve 
the second message because he knows the individual who sent it).
What about current functionality. As i understood subscribing process is 
handled by CommandListservManager from transport package (uses command 
behavioral pattern),
mailet uses UserRepository (just a folder as i understood), if user 
executes subscribe-confirm
command, JAMES adds new user to repository. When message comes 
toCommandListservManager it is forwarded to users in UserRepository of 
Subscribe List.

For handling messages james uses visitor patter, asking all registred 
mailets, so i
think for moderation new mailet is required.

What we need to implement moderation. At first i think that we need 
implement User interface
or extend DefaultUser (to store posting permissions, moderation 
attributes and subscription type, something like 'Regular', 'Digest', 
'Allow'), may be create a subscription object. Second is moderation list 
entity, as i understood JAMES hasn't this and that's why if i want to 
use moderated configuration settings (things like 'Anyone can post but 
all posts are moderated', 'Subscribers can post and all others 
moderated', 'Subscribers can post, all others are rejected, and all 
posts are moderated' and 'Only moderators can post ') i have to create 
this, or to add attribute in mailet...

I used remote debugging and API docs to understand JAMES functionality, 
may be i missed
something or my understanding is wrong, please correct me.   

In conclusion i want to summarize that i want to implement mailets for 
post moderation (using list
moderation type) and subscription types.


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