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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject Re: GSoC james-mladmin
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 12:58:50 GMT

This all sounds good, I would suggest that post moderation has four options,

1/ accept this message only ACCEPT
2/ allow this sender to post again without moderation, ALLOW.
3/ don't allow this message (defaults to this after x hours in queue) REJECT
4/ prevent this sender  from sending again BLOCK


On 3/27/08, Kirill Kosinov <kirill.kosinov@gmail.com> wrote:
> Goog day.
>  Noel, thank you for answer to my previous post in
>  general@james.apache.org mailing list
>  (GSoC james-mladmin questions).
>  So i want to propose more conceit idea. At first i would like to define
>  some concepts. I'm a student not a james commiter and i want to explain
>  what i understand by word moderation.
>  I have red, that there are two distinct kinds of mailing list
>  moderation: a moderated subscription process and moderated posting.
>  I'll begin with moderated posting :-). Let's imagine that we have a user
>  who has two mail addresses, one of them is on Subscribe List, the second
>  is not. User writes two letters from different addresses, JAMES can
>  determine posting privileges (imagine that we have posting privileges)
>  and send mail into Subscribe List, second message will be forwarded to
>  moderator (who recognizes that these messages were sent by the same
>  individual using different email addresses, the moderator may approve
>  the second message because he knows the individual who sent it).
>  What about current functionality. As i understood subscribing process is
>  handled by CommandListservManager from transport package (uses command
>  behavioral pattern),
>  mailet uses UserRepository (just a folder as i understood), if user
>  executes subscribe-confirm
>  command, JAMES adds new user to repository. When message comes
>  toCommandListservManager it is forwarded to users in UserRepository of
>  Subscribe List.
>  For handling messages james uses visitor patter, asking all registred
>  mailets, so i
>  think for moderation new mailet is required.
>  What we need to implement moderation. At first i think that we need
>  implement User interface
>  or extend DefaultUser (to store posting permissions, moderation
>  attributes and subscription type, something like 'Regular', 'Digest',
>  'Allow'), may be create a subscription object. Second is moderation list
>  entity, as i understood JAMES hasn't this and that's why if i want to
>  use moderated configuration settings (things like 'Anyone can post but
>  all posts are moderated', 'Subscribers can post and all others
>  moderated', 'Subscribers can post, all others are rejected, and all
>  posts are moderated' and 'Only moderators can post ') i have to create
>  this, or to add attribute in mailet...
>  I used remote debugging and API docs to understand JAMES functionality,
>  may be i missed
>  something or my understanding is wrong, please correct me.
>  In conclusion i want to summarize that i want to implement mailets for
>  post moderation (using list
>  moderation type) and subscription types.
>  ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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