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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: [mime4J] MessageSearcher...? [WAS Re: [Mime4J] getReader]
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:21:55 GMT
Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:

>  I think that I'd rather we follow the example of other
>  getInputStream/getReader exemplars, and throw
>  java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException if it is called on a type for which
>  Reader is not appropriate.

> in the end, i decided that consistency was more important and elected
> to throw the appropriate exception.

Consistency with what?

> i don't really like having to catch runtime exceptions

Perhaps that's why the Servlet and Portlet APIs declare
UnsupportedEncodingException and IOException instead of
UnsupportedCharsetException or IllegalCharsetNameException?  I'd have to
check the code to see if they actually catch the latter, and return the
former, or if they just allow them to leak out undeclared.

> > If I asked you to search
> > for SOMETEXT, what do I get back?  I might want a collection of [part,
> > first_offset]-tuples.  Less than that, and you would be discarding
> > information that you should already have, more than that and I would be
> > forcing you to do extra work that a given use case might not require.
> > the other hand, perhaps I just want to know about the first part in
> > you find it, not all parts containing it.  And can I ask that you search
> > only headers or parts of only certain content-type(s)?
> >
> > Point being that, yes, I'd like to have a search functionality, but I'd
> > some discussion over the interface and supported use cases.  And if we
> > build this into an existing class, it could be a shared utility, rather
> > leaving it as just an example for people to clone.

> (as jukka posted) given getReader search is just a trivial pull parser
> application. definitely not worth a major design exercise. probably
> best as a worked example somewhere in the documentation.

I suspect that it will have a lot more utility than that.  Mailets will want
to search for text within the message structure.

	--- Noel

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