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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: [jsieve] Any more TODO before 0.2 release?
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 07:50:06 GMT
David Jencks ha scritto:
> <unsolicited build advice>
> I glanced over the pom and have a couple comments:

Thank you David, we need this kind of hints like gold, so next time feel 
free to use the <solicited> tag ;-)

> 1. After a lot of discussion on legal discuss the appropriate contents 
> of LICENSE and NOTICE files is to include only wording that applies to 
> what is actually in the jars.  This is encoded in 
> apache-jar-resource-bundle-1.4.jar (you use 1.2).  In particular unless 
> you are including the junit jar in one of the generated jars the extra 
> comment is unnecessary and wrong.  The 1.4 resource bundle also 
> generates a DEPENDENCIES file that lists all the jar's dependencies: 
> this is purely for user's possible convenience.

shame on me: I checked for updates but I only updated the 
maven-remote-resources-plugin and not the resource bundle version!! :-(

I tested it now but it break our assembly because this way the "simple 
NOTICE" without references to junit and commons-logging references is 
included also in the bin with dependencies zip and in src with 
dependenciez zip.
I also don't understand why it is completely ignoring our 
src\main\appended-resources\supplemental-models.xml file, but I'll 
investigate a bit more on this, ASAP.

> 2.  I recommend listing the plugins in a pluginManagement section and 
> leaving out the versions in the build and report sections.

What is the advantage in a single module product? Most plugins are used 
only once: wouldn't this simply duplicate the size of the pom?

> 3. I strongly recommend setting up a release profile and using the 
> release plugin.  I did this in geronimo and a couple other projects.  
> The latest is the activemq release profile
> https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/activemq/trunk/pom.xml
> This profile does the build, including source and javadoc jars, signs 
> everything, and uploads to a staging area typically on 
> people.apache.org.  It requires some settings in your settings.xml file, 
> see intstructions at 
> http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxPMGT/geronimo-release-process.html

I used the resources you link many months ago when we made our first 
maven based release! Without that resourcs I could have never been 
success in accomplish the release process.

All of this stuff should be in our parent pom:

We used automatic sign/deploy/stage process for our mime4j and jspf 
releases and after few initial problems it worked very fine! I think I 
configured jSieve the same way, so it should work. Please let me know if 
I missed something!

> 4. The scm info appears to be missing.  That makes it really hard for 
> people to find where the project lives given the pom.

I see them:

is there anything wrong?

Thank you again for your review/hints!

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