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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Geronimo-JAMES integration
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 00:10:11 GMT

On Jun 16, 2008, at 12:24 PM, Stefano Bagnara wrote:

> David Jencks ha scritto:
>> On Jun 16, 2008, at 3:45 AM, Stefano Bagnara wrote:
>>> David Jencks ha scritto:
>>> At the moment the geronimo-james integration is simply a single  
>>> gbean for the whole james application: do you think it would be  
>>> hard to support 1 gbean per function? JAMES is composed by api  
>>> modules, library modules and function modules. functions only  
>>> depends on libraries and api, libraries only on apis, and api have  
>>> no internal dependencies.
>>> deployments simply aggregate functions. Is it possible to create  
>>> separate GBean for functions only when functions depends on shared  
>>> services or the only solution is to publish 1 gbean for each of  
>>> our services? I don't know geronimo, but it would be a great  
>>> deployment alternative if it allow us to undeploy 1 single  
>>> function (e.g: the spoolmanager), alter its configuration and  
>>> redeploy it without stopping the smtp/pop3 servers.
>> This was the original idea I had when I first looked into this  
>> integration several years ago.  However I don't think it will be  
>> practical until James adopts a more conventional IOC approach in  
>> which the components have their properties configured by the IOC  
>> container rather than through a initialize(configuration) method.   
>> I could have seriously misjudged the situation however.
>> I have basically no idea of the internal threading structure of  
>> James.  Is adding and removing components reasonably possible to do  
>> in a thread-safe way without a large synchronization overhead?
> e.g: no component depends on the spoolmanager component. so it can  
> be stopped and started as you like. The same is for servers  
> (smtpserver, pop3server, nntpserver, remotemanager) and for the  
> fetchmail function. They have dependencies on core services (e.g:  
> the repositories) but they don't depend on each other. Their  
> interaction is mainly via the spool repository or via the "James"  
> component (implementing various core services).
> james block, smtpserver, spoolmanager receive the spoolrepository  
> service via IoC (ATM they receive the ServiceManager and they ask  
> the spoolmanager to the ServiceManager in their "service" method,  
> but we already changed most of them to be able to inject  
> dependencies without a ServiceManager, if needed).
> the spoolrepository service is implemented by the  
> MailStoreSpoolRepository block that depends on the mailstore  
> service. The mailstore service is implemented by the AvalonMailStore  
> component that in turn depends on the cornerstone's  
> DataSourceSelector and our FileSystem service)
> You can find the "runtime" service dependency graph in the james- 
> assembly.xml file.
> ATM you could remove only top level components or otherwise you  
> would have to remove every dependent component first.
> smtpserver, pop3server, spoolmanager, nntpserver, imapserver,  
> fetchmail,  and remotemanager are top level compoenents and they are  
> the one starting/stopping threads. Synchronization happens in lower/ 
> shared components/services.

This sounds promising but I'd have to look much harder before saying  
anything more concrete.

I did work on using a datasource from jndi rather than a directly  
configured one... I found two places with jndi configuration, the  
TorqueMailboxManagerFactory and inside the    <database-connections>
element.  These look easy to convert.  Are there other places database  
connections are configured?

david jencks

> HTH,
> Stefano
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