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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject [jSPF] cost of supporting offline builds
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 08:41:58 GMT
As you know I'm working on a branch to make jSPF a multimodule product.
It took half an hour to prepare the modules and refactor the m2 
descriptor so to have 2 modules correctly managed by m2 but it already 
took a lot of hours trying to make it build while offline.

The "stage module" hack is too much against what m2 expects and it keep 
giving me issues whenever I try to build the project using a different 
m2 sequence (package, install, site, site:stage, validate).

Furthermore during the multimodule refactoring I had to remove the 
build.xml because it was no more working and no more mantained for the 
new structure.

Now I think in the last 2 years I lost full days of my work trying to 
accomodate offline build capability using m2 hacks and this is now 
starting being frustrating.

You can also add that this hack introduced new licensing issues because 
NOT A SINGLE pom published in maven repositories have a license header 
telling us what we can do with it.

I'm happy with standard maven 2 and I don't care of offline builds so 
much to make this a blocking issue and I don't think that the build 
system should be given more importance than the produced artifacts.
Maven has a dependency:go-offline target specifically created for people 
that want to go offline that take care of downloading and installing any 
needed artifact in the local repository. This is what maven supports. I 
would be happier if m2 bundled most standard plugins in its distribution 
and if m2 allowed packaging of a project including an offline 
repository, but this is not the case.

That said I'd like to remove build.xml from jSPF because no one is 
mantaining it and I'd also like to remove offline build support from 
jSPF so I can start caring of code and output artifacts instead of this 

If people don't want to loose this then I'll close the branch 
"multimodule-proposal" because the amount of work needed to mantain 
ant+m2+m2-offline-support is too much in a multimodule product.

Unless someone comes with good ideas about managing this stuff or take 
the responsibility to mantain that build system I'm going to start a 
VOTE to remove ant support and m2 offline build support from jSPF.


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