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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Geronimo-JAMES integration
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 15:05:29 GMT
David Jencks ha scritto:
> On Jun 29, 2008, at 11:39 AM, Stefano Bagnara wrote:
>> David Jencks ha scritto:
>>> I've been hoping for a Geronimo-JAMES integration since the start of 
>>> the Geronimo project.  Two fairly recent developments in JAMES have 
>>> now made this a relatively simple task:  the maven build and the 
>>> spring integration code.
>>> - the maven build enables painless connection between the build 
>>> systems of the two projects, so changes in JAMES get picked up 
>>> immediately by the geronimo plugin under development
>>> - the spring integration enables a non-avalon expert to construct and 
>>> start a JAMES server
>>> After a couple days work and fixing a few problems in JAMES I now 
>>> have a geronimo james plugin that runs a james server inside geronimo.
>>> Instructions:
>>> 1. Apply patches for JAMES-840, 841, and 842 to james trunk.  Get all 
>>> the jars needed for the build into the private stage repository 
>>> (JAMES-840).  (I realize these instructions are unclear but they are 
>>> the best I have at the moment)
>> Hi David, I think I applied the 3 issues above.
>> Can you please check everything is working in geronimo?
> I like the idea of using ResourceLoader but I don't think the current 
> implementation works properly.  I believe 
> AvalonConfigurationFileProvider is assigned the AvalolApplicationContext 
> as it's ResourceLoader and never gets to use the JamesResourceLoader.  I 
> implemented one solution that works for me in geronimo and attached a 
> patch to JAMES-842 (with some more discusssion).  I think it's possible 
> that making AvalonConfigurationFileProvider NOT implement 
> ResourceLoaderAware and explicitly configuring it's ResourceLoader 
> reference might also work and be more flexible, but I haven't tried it 
> in geronimo yet.  Let me know if you prefer this approach.
> thanks
> david jencks

Hi David,

at a first glance I would prefer the second solution because it does not 
tie the "generic" avalon-spring bridge to james logics (filesystembridge 
/ resource urls conventions), but I don't have the knowledge to 
understand the potential issues of having ResourceLoaderAware components 
receiving a different ResourceLoader...

I will review the 2 patches as soon as you upload JAMES-842-2.patch


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