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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [server.trunk] modules/package refactoring UPDATE
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 05:08:18 GMT
Well done, and thanks for the clear update, this was good to read. :-)
i've just got the code and will have a look at it later, but it sounds
like a good job.

On 8/11/08, Stefano Bagnara <apache@bago.org> wrote:
> Stefano Bagnara ha scritto:
>> I completed my first step in "repackaging" and "remoduling" server.trunk
>> code.
>> It is far from being perfect, but at least a first goal is achieved.
>> Now no package belong to 2 modules considering -util, -api and -library
>> modules.
>> [...]
>> The next steps (as soon as I find the cycles) are:
>> 1. core-library: split it into multiple modules, repackage content to
>>    avoid use of the "generic" packages.
>> 2. take care of packages in functions: they must not reuse packages
>>    already used by api/util/libraries.
> Here we are at the end of my second day on this "sprint".
> I moved around some more code and main changes are:
> A. Packages should no more be repeated in api/libraries/util.
> B. No package used by api/libraries/util is used in functions (A+B means
> that I'm not sure if we have functions using the same packages)
> C. Renamed mailnotification-util to javamail-util (at the end of the 2
> days refactoring it made more sense because of dependencies/content).
> D. Introduced core-api to contain basic service interfaces
> (org.apache.james.services) from core-library. (I also moved some of
> org.apache.james.services to functions when they were not used by other
> modules).
> E. Introduced a management-library module to contain management stuff
> (after I refactored code to be selfcontained in that package). Only
> RemoteManager-function currently depends on this.
> F. Introduced a core-function module to host all of the code from
> core-library that was not used by other functions and reduce the size of
> this core-library as it already is the most used dependency.
> I don't plan further major changes after this one, but I have to take
> the time to review the resulting structure with my tools.
> There are still some utilities in core-library that should be checked.
> I still have issues with some module "granularization" but I can't see a
> better solution now. The main goal of this was packages separation and
> smaller core-library.
> Currently hudson fail because of svn issues I have to investigate. I'm
> not sure if the ant/m2 builds works now and if the resulting binary
> works. I'm testing this now.
> I don't know what's next.. I have to relax and look at the "new" tree
> after cooling down.
> Please review and tell if you see improvement over the previous tree or
> you prefer to revert this 2 days big-bang.
> Stefano
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