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From BJ <bj_onl...@free-man.com>
Subject Re: Project status and perception
Date Sun, 10 May 2009 15:38:43 GMT
Though I agree about the feeling of livelness, I also know that all
apache projects are community based.
so the way to get things cleaned up is roll up your sleeves and jump in
offer to do the clean up and make it fresh.

My point of view is James is a very powerful application. I have
integrated it into other Apache projects.
Though I have been on a sort of leave from contributing, I am just
getting back into the grove.

Hope you see you and others join in.

A. Rothman sent the following on 5/10/2009 5:58 AM:
> Hi all,
> Here's a thought/feeling I've been having for a while regarding JAMES,
> as a user of many years (both at work and at home). It's not at all
> meant as a rant, but as the personal experience of a long time user who
> really wants to see this project thrive - this is how it looks from the
> 'outside'. [reposted from elsewhere - oops :-) ]
> Speaking for myself, I can't exactly say that I'm interested in more
> releases and features from a 2.x codebase with no active developers,
> targeted at Java 1.4 (won't even compile on 6), with chunks of the
> project's wiki (even task-related pages) last updated 4 years ago, based
> on some framework projects that have been discontinued years ago... at
> least that's the impression the project is making in the past couple of
> years - that it is a dying one.
> But, I wouldn't want to abandon it either. As a user, the alternatives
> are either the above, or a trunk 3.0 version whose status, progress and
> future is not quite clear either - there's a v3 wiki page that was last
> updated at the beginning of 2005! Perhaps it's time for a proper
> alternative? Perhaps an alpha/beta of 3, with a fresh feeling of
> liveliness? Something to show a clear sign of activity and progress?
> cleaning up the wiki from ancient roadmaps and plans which have been
> abandoned long ago? I think that feeling of freshness would make it much
> easier to contribute than the current uninviting feeling of gloom... I
> contribute to several projects in what spare time I've got, and this one
> always gets pushed to the bottom of the list because of that feeling of
> 'who knows if it's not already dead? Are there more than a dozen users
> still using it? haven't seen any movement there in months, years... why
> not work on that other well-supported project instead?' Or to paraphrase
> the well known quote - "contributors contribute to those projects who
> help themselves"...
> ...is it just me?
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