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From Eric MacAdie <e...@MacAdie.net>
Subject svn question: Downloading the old stuff
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 19:17:44 GMT
I am looked a bit at the 407 page  svn red book 
(http://svnbook.red-bean.com/), and I might find an answer to this 
question there, but I will ask here anyway. Can I exclude certain parts 
of the souce directory tree from a checkout?

I ran "svn checkout http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/james/ james" awhile 
back, and it took about two hours to get all the source. The whole tree 
is about 3.1 GB:
[ericm@saigon][2009-05-21_21.30.13]$ pwd
[2009-05-23 11:51:13]
[ericm@saigon][2009-05-21_21.30.13]$ perl ~/perl/getSize
The files in this directory add up to 3,395,115,127 bytes
3315542.11621094 KB
3237.83409786224 MB
3.1619473611936 GB
[2009-05-23 12:14:28]

But there is a lot of old stuff in server/tags that I think I do not need:
[ericm@saigon][tags]$ pwd
[2009-05-23 13:55:05]
[ericm@saigon][tags]$ perl ~/perl/getSize
The files in this directory add up to 1,202,976,544 bytes
1174781.78125 KB
1147.24783325195 MB
1.12035921216011 GB
[2009-05-23 13:55:51]
[ericm@saigon][tags]$ ls
build_2_1_1_fcs/  build_2_1_3_fcs/  build_2_2_0_fcs/  build_2_3_1/  
james_0_0/    JAMES-1_2/
build_2_1_2_fcs/  build_2_1_fcs/    build_2_3_0/      deprecated/   
james_1_0/    JAMES-1_2_1/
[2009-05-23 13:56:24]

Is there an svn command that would allow me to get everything except the 
server/tags tree? Having people download 1.1 GB of old stuff just seems 
like a waste.

Eric MacAdie

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